Beacon Baptist Church


Reaching Forth in 2018

This morning was not the best weather for driving, and we debated cancelling the service because of the freezing rain that was forecast but since it looked like the weather was going to hold off until about the end of church, we decided to go ahead with the service, and shorten it up a little to give folks chance to get home before the freezing rain started in earnest. Appropriately, the message was entitled, "The Place of Refuge", and it sure seemed like a refuge to come in to the church out of the wet slippery weather!

The text of the message was Joshua 20 which talks about the cities of refuge that God instructed Israel to establish in the Promised Land. Romans 15:4 teaches us the that Bible is not just a historical record, but it is also written to bring us comfort and hope. Certainly the study of these cities of refuge brings hope to all as we recognize the picture that they give us of Jesus, who is a far greater refuge than those cities of old. We encourage you to listen to the message by clicking the link above, or on our audio sermons page, and trust it will bless your heart like it did ours. May you find your refuge in Jesus!

--Pastor Chris Wyatt

Posted on Mon, 29 Jan 2018 00:00:00 UTC